Settle Down

  • Date
    12th January 2024
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    Electro, Indie,
  • Artists
    Tibursky, Jaya Shakira
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TIBURSKY<br>Settle Down



“Settle Down“ the first single from the new TIBURSKY album, will be released on January 12, 2024. The album itself (as yet untitled) is expected to be released in early May.  

The songwriting duo of Johannes Tibursky (Berlin) and John Stewart (Glasgow), combine personal highs and lows – as well as the usual loose and abstract thoughts – on this new collection of songs. 

In contrast to other songs on the album, „Settle Down“ is a driving, danceable, electronic hit in the making, which, while different, still manages to retain elements of the unmistakable TIBURSKY style that we’ve come to know and love.

Settle Down – Jaya Shakira Remix” Rousing yet melancholy vocals set to some driving bass sequencers are wonderfully evident in this music video of a road trip through India.
London-based Jaya Shakira, has created a relaxed, ambient remix for the B-side. Further remixes by Berlin artists will be released in the coming weeks.

Following a turbulent 3:47 minutes – played at a suitably high volume – a level of calm soon returns for the final message: „Let emotions settle down“. Jaya’s remix offers the ideal playlist transition.

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