Back in the 1980s singer and composer Johannes Tibursky (aka Tibure/Tibor), together with keyboardist Todd Winston, started his first band ISELOH.

Their first vinyl single “ Forgotten Days“ was released in 1988 on his own record label – Kitchen Records (LC 07493).
In 1990, the band – now expanded to a five -piece – is renamed PRUSSIA and soon embark on a series of tours through Germany and Scotland.

Then, in 1995 their first long player CD „Dying Mother of 16 Sickly Kids“ is released.   It soon becomes the Berlin station Rock Radio B (now Radio1)’s „Record of the Week“ and will go on to sell over 3,000 copies.

Later three of PRUSSIA’s songs would appear on compilations released by Transatlantic Management in Arizona, USA.

The foundation stone for the new label is set and over the next few years various singles and albums by a variety of bands are released.
By 2007 Johannes finds himself embarking on a new solo project under the name TIBURSKY and has since gone on to establish himself as a singer and producer on the international stage.  The BBC plays his song „Travel“ on heavy rotation and many of his songs are used in various films and adverts.
A year later Johannes founded the production company Kitchen.FM whose unique sound is derived from the sophisticated and handmade approach taken for each project.  Numerous studio musicians/lyricists and singers take part in commercial production soundtracks for the likes of Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and weg-de, to name but a few. ( )
At the same time, two long-time friends, Thorsten Eichhorst & Tim Meier, set up the film production company Kitchen TV and among their earliest productions produce music videos for two TIBURSKY singles: „Travel“ and „Keep on Rockin'“. (
Kitchen Records, however, has now also become a springboard for other bands with current releases including Berlin bands YUKAZU and CRASHCAPTAINS, both of whom are tipped as hot favourites for success in the coming year with a number of sold-out concerts already under the belts of both bands.