Johannes Tibursky – Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer.

Over the years a number of Singles and Albums have been released on his own “Kitchen Records” label but his particular strength lies in his song-writing and production abilities, creating classic Pop and Rock songs, as well as electronic music and film soundtracks.

During the 90’s he fronted his own band, “Prussia”, who toured widely in Germany and Scotland and who released albums, singles and videos including, “Dying Mother of 16 Sickly Kids”. The album of the same name was record of the week on Rockradio B (… Radio 1) and sold 3,000 copies in Germany. The video clip was aired on rotation on Berliner TV Sendern, and three songs were also included on American sampler albums by the Transatlantic Management company in Arizona.

A 10-year break away from music then followed when Johannes took a different path and immersed himself in caring for a group of adults with profound learning difficulties.

In 2005 however, he re-emerged refreshed and re-energised to embark on a number of new and interesting projects including composing film soundtracks and music for TV commercials, while throwing himself with renewed vigour into his new solo project “Tibursky”.


In 2007 he met with British producer, Steve Lyon (Depeche Mode, The Cure, Reamonn etc.) who expressed a desire that the pair should work together. In the same year 2 songs from a demo were played on BBC Radio Bristol, with the DJ enthusing ecstatically on the quality of the songs.

In December of that year a contract between his own Record Label “Kitchen Records” and a digital distributor was signed to facilitate the re-release of both Prussia albums as well as the new Tibursky album, “Middle of Nowhere”. But in the summer of 2008 after a breach of contract this arrangement was terminated.


In November 2008 a travel agency,, snapped up the Tibursky song “Peel” for their German-wide TV and Web advertising campaign. In January 2009 the campaign was expanded to encompass the Austrian region also. The agent, Comvell, received a unanimously positive reaction to the song.

In February 2009 the BBC again played one of Tibursky’s songs, “Travel”, likening the music to that of Echo and the Bunnymen and U2 and encouraging all of their listeners to go out and look for the album.

Tibursky’s latest venture was to travel to Sweden with film makers Thorsten Eichhorst and Tim Meier to shoot a video to accompany “Travel”. The result is a stunning piece of work that has already been entered into a competition staged by Canon to promote their new camera.
At the same time Hannes has been putting the finishing touches to the new Tibursky album (mixing/mastering/artwork etc.) ready for release sometime over the next few months.

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